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Welcome to the Corpus Christi Apartment Association

Greetings Members,

I am honored to serve as your CCAA President for 2016.  I am excited about the New Year and look forward to serving you along with the leadership team.  I would like to introduce you to the CCAA Officers and Board of Directors, Vice President, Lori Athey, Treasurer, Liza Benavides, 2015 Past President, Tommie Ann De Leon. and Directors, Nora Mireles, Jen Kirkman and Susan Hairgrove.  We are looking forward to all the Educational and Networking opportunities available to you this year.

Please visit our online calendar for a complete list of upcoming events.  We urge all of you to get involved and help us make a difference.  Volunteer to help CCAA grow.  By doing so, we can become stronger together.  CCAA is dedicated to promoting education, ethics, professionalism, and community service together.


​Tiffany Ramos

​2016 Bowling Tournament Winners 
1st Place - Rancho De Luna
2nd Place - BBND Bowling Stones
3rd Place - Bodine Bowlers

Highest Female Score 
Christi Thompson

BBND Bowling Stones

Highest Male Score
Scott Schuster

Schuster Property "Pin Crusher" Solutions

​​Springs at Corpus Christi, 2015 Community Team of the Year

2016 Board of Directors


Tiffany Ramos - Bluestone Properties


Lori Athey - Tomscha Properties


Liza Benavides - Cimarron Court Apartments

Past President                             

Tommie Ann De Leon - Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc.


Nora Mireles - Rasa Floors 

Jen Kirkman - TPI Construction & Painting

Susan Hairgrove - Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc.

NAA Tool Kit for

Service & Support Animals

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May 4th - Hands On Pool Class

May 12th - R22 Phase Out

May 12th - Uncork Your Inner Artist

June 22nd - Trade Show Kick-Off Party

June 22nd - Fair Housing Seminar

June 23rd - 2016 Trade Show